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Personal Injury & Family Lawyer


paul_ladnerPaul Ladner* is a Harvard Law School trained negotiator, and personal injury lawyer in Vancouver, British Columbia. Paul has helped hundreds of clients navigate their ICBC injury claims. In the process, he has helped reduce their stress, find suitable treatment providers, and explain the available legal options and ramifications every step of the way.

Paul is a Partner at the Dosanjh Law Group.

Paul obtained his Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia, and completed his Juris Doctor at the University of Windsor.

Paul’s experience in litigation ranges from soft tissue to traumatic brain injury cases. Paul also has experience working on First Nations’ ADR and IAP claims. His practical legal skills were bolstered by his volunteer work at Community Legal Aid in Windsor. While Paul has an interest in all facets of litigation, his primary focus has been personal injury claims. In addition to his academic pursuits, Paul’s varied background includes extensive work in British Columbia’s outdoor industry. When time allows, Paul can be found playing hockey, fishing, travelling the coast, on the water, or in the mountains.

Paul is a member of the Canadian Bar Association, the Medical Legal Society of British Columbia, and the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia.

*Denotes Law Corporation

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