The vast majority of our practice is representing people injured in motor vehicle accident collisions.

Often, we are asked what should you do when you are involved in an accident?

If you are able to, the first step is always to get to a position of safety.

Second, assess the situation and decide whether emergency services need to be contacted?

Third, exchange information with the other parties involved (Driver’s license number, name, & license plate at a minimum).

You may then with to contact a lawyer and have he or she report the accident on your behalf. If you call the claim in, be aware that the answers you give could have significant consequences to your claim (see my blog post on worker/worker claims in British Columbia).

If you call in your claim, you will be asked for your information, the other parties involved, how the accident happened, whether there were emergency services called, if there were any witnesses, what your injuries are, if your vehicle is drive-able, and a host of other questions.

ICBC will then provide you with a claim number. This will be quoted when you get your vehicle fixed, and later for Part VII benefits.